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Stroller Comfort Buggy Wheeled Board (Up to 20kg)

Stroller Comfort Buggy Wheeled Board (Up to 20kg)

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Universal connector has endeless adjustment position

Simple, quick & easy adjustment

No tools or extra adaptores required

Material: PP Plastic

Color: Pink/Blue

Size: 35x26cm/13.65*10.14 inch

Suitable for ages 3-7

weight rating of 25kg

This brilliant board easily attached to the back of your pushchair and gives your toddler somewhere to stand and be wheeled around like royalty.

The board features suspension, for a bump-free stroll, and when not in use it can be pushed up out of the way, or simply detached.

It can be used for children aged 3+ up to 20kg and has ridges for traction so your child can sit safely.Note:


This pedal is not universal for all strollers. The rear wheel of the stroller has a horizontal axis.

The horizontal axis length is greater than 23 cm. The height of the horizontal axis from the ground is recommended to be 12-17cm. The horizontal axis is too high or too low. It is not recommended to buy or the slope will be installed.

Also, the circumference of the horizontal axis (the length of the outer diameter of the horizontal axis) cannot exceed 8 cm, otherwise the pedals are buckled and cannot be buckled.

Package included:

 1 xWheeled Buggy Board Pushchair Stroller Kids Safety Comfort Step Board Up To 25Kg

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