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Kitchen Play Set (14.2x11.8x5.3in)

Kitchen Play Set (14.2x11.8x5.3in)

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1.Kitchen Play Set For Kids: It is a kitchen toy playset Kitchen Play Set For Kids: It is a kitchen toy playset for toddlers, kids, young boys, and girls that gives a realistic feel of a kitchen setting.

2. It comes with several accessories. To make things all the more fu-n, the kitchen toy set comes with a bundle gift set including real-looking kitchen items.

3.Realistic Kitchen Set For Toddlers & Girls: Kitchen is a realistic kitchen set of 36X30X13.5 cm size, for kids,toddlers and young girls. It includes a realistic stove and several other kitchen accessories to play with. Mini Kitchen Set With Accessories: With 32 kitchen accessories included, it is a fun game that mimics a real-life kitchen. It is a kitchen set that includes all the kitchen items as real-life settings, making the make-believe games of kids all the more real.

4.Indoor Games & Interactive Play Set: It is an entertaining indoor game that will keep your kids busy and entertained. It promotes parent-child interaction, helps kids in identifying fru-its and vegetables, promotes stem building, improves mental capability and much more.

5.Bundle Gift Set: Kitchen set comes with a bundle gift set which includes several realistic kitchen set toys to add f-un and make your kids enjoy all the more. Toys and Gifts For Toddlers Children & Girls;


Suitable age:3+.

Ability development: emotional, visual, intellectual development

Number of accessories: 32

Product size:36x30x13.5cm(14.2x11.8x5.3in)

Packing size:36.5x25x9cm(14.4x9.8x3.5in)

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