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Kids Dance Mat (39.3"X35.4")

Kids Dance Mat (39.3"X35.4")

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The Cyiecw Dance Challenge Mat is made of heavy-duty vinyl that is non-toxic, soft and easy to wipe down. It's designed to last for many hours of play, such as dancing, tapping and bouncing. Children and parents follow the beat of the built-in music and dance to the flashing cues on the LED board. Keep up with the moves and try challenging different music! Dance to an adjustable rhythm, connect your music device and play your favorite songs! Uses 4 x AA batteries. (not included) The dance blanket folds up easily and stores nicely in a closet or under the bed without worrying about taking up too much space. This is a fun toy for the whole family, perfect for outdoor play and indoor party play! It allows your child to exercise in the most fun way possible! Kids can enjoy this dance mat while creating fun and exciting music and dancing to the beat. A perfect gift for kids for their birthday or Christmas.
  • Press “Start” to begin and follow the flashing lights. There are 4 different songs available to select. The playmat hibernates automatically after 1 minute of no activity on the mat. The mat will be re-activated by pressing any button.

  • This dance mat has a non-slip design on back, in order to prevent children from slippery, so that your child is safer when playing.

  • Made of heavy duty vinyl material, this Dancing Challenge Mat is toxin-free and soft padded, easy to wipe clean. The mat may get dust or little dirty when kids play on them wearing shoes, while A damp cloth is enough for this case. 

  • When MP3 player is plugged in, the built-in music is not available to play. The speaker will play music from MP3 player and lights will flash randomly. Player can dance on five mix buttons to play with the music. Note: Not compatible for iPhone. MP3 or other mobile phone devices is compatible.

  • Follow the beat of the built-in music, dance to the cues of the blinking on the LED board. Keep up with the move and try to challenge different difficult music!

  • A total of 13 music cards, and there are musical instruments and words on card both sides. 26 musical instruments and 26 words, as well as the 26 letters of A-Z, allow your child to recognize many words and musical instruments at a very young age.

  • Battery warning and caution


    • Replacement of batteries must be done by adults.
    • Do not mix alkaline, standard or rechargeable batteries.
    • Batteries are to be inserted with the correct polarity.
    • Rechargeable batteries are only to be charged under adult supervision.
    • Do not use any sharp items on the mat. The mat is not washable.
    • This toy is for kids ages 3 and up. Adult supervision is required.

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