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COOGHI S3 Lightweight Balance Bike w/ 12" Rubber Foam Tires (Age 2-6 Years) - White

COOGHI S3 Lightweight Balance Bike w/ 12" Rubber Foam Tires (Age 2-6 Years) - White

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  • PERFECT FIRST BIKE FOR GROWING RIDERS - The handlebar and seat are adjustable for growing kids, fits inseams between 13in-19in, suggested for kids ages 2-6. This no pedals balance bike helps them to learn balance and coordination while having fun.
  • ERGONOMIC ALL-IN-ONE FRAME - Made of a solid one-piece magnesium alloy frame with better construction, it makes the toddler bike easy to ride, especially when learning how to balance and steer. And the 360° rotatable handlebar will rotate and lie flat on the ground to prevent children from being injured by the handlebar when they fall.
  • NO MORE TIRE MAINTENANCE - This toddler bike's 12-inch rubber foam tires are far way more durable than other EVA tires. The non-slip surface gives more tear-resistant and a firm grip provides extra traction in wet conditions. They never go flat, parents don't have to pump and maintain tires! Tips: The tires may have a smell for a time because of their rubber material.
  • NO TOOLS ASSEMBLY & ADJUSTMENT - Every COOGHI toddler bike is delivered partially assembled, you'll only have to insert the handlebar before it's ready for riding! The handlebar and seat are both adjustable, no tool needed (A wrench is provided for special cases).
  • WORRY-FREE CUSTOMER SERVICE: Offering a 2-year manufacturer's support combined with replaceable parts, your COOGHI balance bike is sure to last!


1464 x 600-1

COOGHI Balance Bike, Best First Bike For Every Kid

Kids expect their first bike to be the coolest, while parents want the bike to be safe and durable. The COOGHI Balance bike is exactly what you need, the little rider will definitely love it very much!

1464 x 600-2

1464 x 600-3

COOGHI balance bike is best birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Easter and other holiday gifts for kids.

By learning to ride a balance bike and mastering balance, strength, reactive skills, children can feel their own growth and progress, thereby enhancing their self-confidencea and independence.

300 x 225-1

Smooth bearings can reduce friction, making the wheels of the balance bike more stable and smooth in motion and improving safety.

300 x 225-2

A stable center of gravity helps reduce sway and tilt, making it easier for the rider to maintain balance, reducing the risk of imbalance and falls.

300 x 225-3

360° steering handle makes the balance bike more flexible and safe. Kids can perform a variety of movements increases the fun & excitement of riding.

300 x 225-4

The wider pedal design allows kids to keep both feet on the pedals at the same time while skating, helping to reduce leg fatigue during riding.

300 x 225-5

300 x 225-6

300 x 225-7

300 x 225-8

1464 x 600-4

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