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30 Pcs Drinking Straw Cleaner Brush Kit - 3 Sizes

30 Pcs Drinking Straw Cleaner Brush Kit - 3 Sizes

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Sufficient Quantity for Daily Use: there are a total of 30 straw brushes for cleaning straws with 3 different lengths in the package, including 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches, 10 for each length, enough to meet your needs for daily cleaning, replacement or sharing with others
  • Different Sizes: these 3 length straw cleaners feature 3 different diameters, respectively 6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm, so they are more appropriate to clean tumblers, sippy cups, silicone straws, baby bottles, glasses and so on
  • Sturdy to Use: the brushes for cleaning straws are made of quality 304 stainless steel, have nice durability and versatility, and the bristles are made of nylon, sturdy and easy to use for cleaning
  • Versatile Uses: the straw brushes are flexible to use, and can clean each size of straw you have, which do not scratch the inside of straws; Besides, our reusable straw cleaner can be applied to pipes, narrow pipes, water pipes, coffee pots, sink drains, hummingbird feeders and other hard to reach corners

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